No doubt the hottest casting debate going on right now is this: Who will play Batman in 'Man of Steel 2'? A bevy of names have come up recently, and we're wondering who you think is the best fit.

Of course, it's still very early, so you can take this list with a grain of salt. Nevertheless, the batch of names unveiled in conjunction with the new Batman is interesting and varies enough to be believable.

You've got Josh Brolin, who is turning into Hollywood's go-to rugged lead; Ryan Gosling, who fits the quiet loner bill to a T; Joe Manganiello, who is already something of a super badass on HBO's 'True Blood'; Matthew Goode, who played a superhero already - and one with severe issues - in Zack Snyder's 'Watchmen'; Richard Armitage, who recently introduced himself to the world as the imposing dwarf Thorin Oakenshield in 'The Hobbit'; and the most out-of-left-field choice, Max Martini, whom you may know better as father-figure Herc Hansen in Guillermo del Toro's 'Pacific Rim'.

A pretty wide net, in terms of name recognition, but quite intriguing. At least it's not the same old list of names, right? So which of these actors - if it comes down to this group - would make the best "new" Batman/Bruce Wayne? Cast your vote below!