There’s been a lot of news out of the DC movie universe this week, including new details on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and its forthcoming R-rated Ultimate Edition, as well as more intel on Warner Bros.’ plans for their slate of superhero films. There was one interesting detail that was easy to overlook in this huge info dump, but it’s something we’ve been curious about for a while: How does Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen / The Flash fit into Batman v Superman?

In Entertainment Weekly’s massive feature on Batman v Superman and the DC movie universe, the studio offers details for Zack Snyder’s director’s cut (aka the Ultimate Edition) of Dawn of Justice, and confirms a few things about Green Lantern (he / they won’t debut until Justice League: Part Two) and Wonder Woman (set during World War I, the film is bookended by a story in the present day).

We’ve known for some time that Jason Momoa’s Aquaman has a cameo in Batman v Superman, but it was only in recent months that we learned of an additional cameo from Ezra Miller, who will play Barry Allen / The Flash in the DC cinematic universe. WB has now confirmed details of that cameo, revealing that Miller’s Flash appears to Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne in a dream sequence similar to the one shown in the trailers.

But it may not actually be a dream sequence, given The Flash’s time-traveling and time-bending abilities. In the scene, The Flash delivers a “cryptic message” to Batman, which could be a warning, leaving the Dark Knight uncertain if these dreams are prophetic or if they’re something else. And with Batman’s crusade against Superman established, Affleck says the appearance of other super-beings is “both hopeful and terrifying” to his character, who views them as either potential threats or powerful allies.

Meanwhile, Snyder and WB have kept pretty quiet about what we can expect from Aquaman’s cameo in the film, but we’ve only got a couple of weeks to go before Batman v Superman hits theaters on March 25.

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