Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will really set the stage for Warner Bros.’ slate of DC superhero movies, which includes solo outings for Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg, along with two Justice League movies. And at the far end of that schedule is a new Green Lantern film, tentatively arriving in 2020. Of all of WB’s new DC movie heroes, Green Lantern is the only one we won’t meet anytime soon, but if you’ve been wondering when to expect his arrival, we may have an answer.

Entertainment Weekly’s ongoing coverage of Batman v Superman featured an interview with producer Charles Roven, who revealed that the new Green Lantern probably won’t be introduced until Justice League: Part Two, or maybe even later:

Every beat of the movie is not yet worked out. So there’s the possibility that he may or may not be in Justice League 2. For now, we felt that we were introducing enough characters that the best possible place we could put Green Lantern is some introduction in Justice League 2, or barring that, a movie after.

First announced during last summer’s Comic-Con, the new Green Lantern film is (as of now) titled Green Lantern Corps., which means we’ll see several Lanterns. Reports suggest that both Hal Jordan and John Stewart will appear in the film, with Tyrese Gibson notably lobbying to play the latter.

WB exec Greg Silverman addresses the potential possibilities for the character(s) and acknowledges that the previous Green Lantern attempt with Ryan Reynolds wasn’t great:

[Green Lantern] is an incredible character. He’s actually multiple incredible characters. There’s real opportunity there. We didn’t do a great job on that first Green Lantern movie. This is a character who deserves to be treated in the same way that Batman and Superman and Wonder Woman are being treated now, which is with great reverence. I guess I can say to the Green Lantern fans: if they can be patient with us, I think they’ll be really happy.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters on March 25. The Green Lantern movie is currently scheduled for a June 19, 2020 release.

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