Despite not having a title (and probably not a finished script), we've been hearing about the "Female Expendables" projects for some time now. It's the kind of pitch that would definitely get you in the door: "Take 'The Expendables,' but remove all of the old dudes and replace them with hot, ass kicking ladies!" MMA fighter and 'Haywire' star Gina Carano is attached to star, but it looks like the first member of her team has been selected and anyone who has watched SyFy's 'Battlestar Galactica' will know what a great choice Katee Sackhoff for this kind of project.

Over the course of the show's four season run, 'Battlestar' fans saw Kara "Starbuck" Thrace kick plenty of asses and fry a lot of Cylons, so if the ability to punch people into oblivion is the all you need to join the "Female Expendables," then Sackhoff is more than qualified. Her portrayal of the tough, damaged Starbuck is the kind of work that should have made her a star and the fact that she's not already headlining action movies is something of a crime against good things. Could this finally be her big screen break-out moment (even though she'll undoubtedly play second fiddle to Carano)?

Sure, this entire movie sounds like a big gimmick, but so was the film it's shamelessly ripping off. What do you think, action fans? Is Sackhoff worthy of being on this team? And what do the 'Battlestar' fans think? Is this the right move for her?

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