At long last, The Flash is ready to be “Reborn” with an October premiere. Poor Barry Allen’s been hanging out in the speed force since his finale showdown with Savitar, and we’ve got the full breakdown of everything you need to know for Season 4: Heroes, villains, crossover clues – the works.

Season 3 left us with quite a bit of damage control, especially as Barry and Iris had to put their wedding on ice to answer the impending threat of her doom – costing us poor H.R. in the process. And while Central City has no shortage of speedsters willing to answer the call in Barry’s (temporary) absence, The Flash has plenty of track ahead to get back to the lighthearted sci-fi fun we had during the first season. Let’s dive in:

The Flash Season 4 will premiere Tuesday, October 10 with “The Flash Reborn,” airing Tuesdays on The CW thereafter.

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