Capybara Games, the developers of Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, have unveiled Below, its newest adventure game, at E3. Watch the trailer, and prepare to be amazed in how effective it is in its aesthetics, execution, and its awesome sense of depth and size.

The game's unique perspective in pulling the top-down camera as far back as possible, along with the first-glance simplicity of the game's graphics, results in a distinct look for Below that is amazingly equivalent to a 2D version of Journey. The trailer shows an adventurer landing on an island, climbing a mountain, unsheathing his sword at the entrance to a cave, and exploring as he takes on the monsters inside. With the camera being so far away, players are constantly made aware of the vastness of the environment, and how little their character is in comparison to it. The trailer also hints that players will not be alone in their quest and will be able to play with other characters online.

Would-be adventurers will have to save up their courage for when Below debuts as an Xbox One exclusive in Q1 2014.