When he's not busy playing a bad guy in various movies or changing into a werewolf like in the picture above, Benicio Del Toro is one of those sure fire go to actors when you need someone to play a Native American. Guessing Johnny Depp is already booked.

Del Toro has signed on to star in 'Jimmy Picard,' based on 'Psychotherapy Of A Plains Indian' by Georges Devereux. The movie will be directed by Arnaud Desplechin, who last directed 'A Christmas Tale' in 2008. Mathieu Amalric and Gina McKee will also star. Del Toro will be playing the title character.

According to Deadline, 'Jimmy Picard' is the story of "a Plains Indian member of the Blackfeet nation who returns from the WWII battlefield and experiences various medical symptoms, none of which can be explained physically. He travels to the famed Winter Hospital in Topeka, Kansas, where he encounters Georges Devereux (Amalric), a French ethno-psychiatrist considered to have a strong understanding of the modern Native American. Through their sessions, the two men, foreign to themselves and to their country, become friends."

Del Toro is currently starring in Oliver Stone's 'Savages,' with John Travolta, Blake Lively and 'John Carter' star Taylor Kitsch. Expect that to hit theaters on July 6th. Sounds like there's more than meets the eye with 'Jimmy Picard.' Supernatural thriller, perhaps? We'll have to wait and see.