When we last heard about 'The Imitation Game,' Leonardo DiCaprio was dropping out of it. However, a role as juicy as that of Alan Turing wasn't going to go unoccupied for long and it looks like 'Sherlock' star and 'Star Trek Into Darkness' villain Benedict Cumberbatch may be stepping in.

According to Deadline, Cumberbatch is currently in talks, which means that this may not even happen, but c'mon: he's a perfect fit for this part and surely everyone involved knows it. For those who don't know, Alan Turing was a British mathematician who cracked the German U-boat enigma code during World War II (helping win the war) and pioneered the field of computing and electronics in an age where the mere thought of modern computers was science fiction. But for all of his accomplishments, Turing's life was a tragic one, ending with the then-scandalous outing of his homosexuality and his suicide soon after.

Turing's life is about as cinematic as you can get and unlike so many other biopic subjects, much of what he accomplished is not widely known. If handled with care by director Morten Tyldum, this is the kind of movie that will win everyone involved an Oscar. Seriously.

And it'll make the countless Benedict Cumberbatch Tumblr pages explode.