Though he's already got a following for his titular role in BBC's version of 'Sherlock' -- yes, based on Mr. Holmes -- Benedict Cumberbatch is about to enter the mainstream with his work as the villain (currently named John Harrison) in 'Star Trek Into Darkness.' But for those looking to get ahead of the curve, you can see him this February in the HBO miniseries 'Parade's End.' And now there's a teaser.

The mini-series is based on the tetralogy of novels by Ford Maddox Ford from the 1920's, but one of the selling points is that it was adapted by Tom Stoppard, the playwright and screenplay writer best known for such works as 'Arcadia' and 'Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead,' and won the best original screenplay Oscar for his 'Shakespeare in Love.'

It's also worth noting that Rebecca Hall co-stars and she will be appearing in 'Iron Man 3' this May, so for those who are getting ready for the big summer movies, consider this homework. Hall co-stars as Sylvia, the wife of Cumberbatch's Christopher Tietjens. They're in the midst of a love triangle when World War I breaks out and he decides to go off to war. HBO will start screening the five part mini-series February 26, and here's that teaser: