If you're like us, then your sense of humor is very much like a parrot -- you hear something funny or memorable on the big screen and you repeat that movie quote in every situation possible until the next awesome catchphrase comes about. This summer, however, was filled with too many to count.

From Captain America ordering Hulk to "smash!" in 'The Avengers' to the cast of 'Magic Mike' earning their $20 bills, audiences left movie theaters only to wait impatiently for the perfect moment to say, "Listen to my words and hear his face." But out of all the memorable movie quotes from all the blockbusters, which had the line that pretty much summed up summer 2012 for you?

We've compiled a short list of some of the highlights of the summer below, but it's up to you to decide which should get the weirdly named title of Best Movie Quote at the next MTV Movie Awards by voting in our poll below. Maybe then MTV will actually create this award category.