Shortly after Better Call Saul drew its second season to a close by Monday’s “Klick” finale, creator Vince Gilligan revealed both a Breaking Bad cameo destined for Season 3, and one that very nearly took place in the season finale itself. Now, said Bad alum explains their involvement in the scrapped appearance, as well as the potential to return next season.

You’re warned of Better Call Saul spoilers through the most recent finale, but where many assumed Gilligan to be referencing Breaking Bad guy Gus Fring with recent chatter that a returning character was scrapped for the finale, recent reports revealed the character in question as Betsy Brandt’s Marie, eyed to appear as Chuck’s X-ray technician. Gilligan since explained that he’d found the idea distracting, something Brandt now corroborates with Entertainment Weekly:

Oh no, she couldn’t be there. What are they going to do, stick me in the background? That would be weird. In that moment, you know she’d be wearing purple and probably bitching at somebody … Would Marie ground herself before she touched him? Would they both be wearing the silver blankets?

It’s not her time. “I hope she has her time. Vince always makes the right call … That said, I would so love to work with Michael that I would never say no to working with an actor that I love. I think he’s phenomenal, and that role? Oh my God!

Brandt also noted that she hadn’t specifically been approached for the appearance, explaining “Even on Breaking Bad, Vince would have ideas for stories for your character, and a lot of times he wouldn’t tell you because if it didn’t happen, you’d get disappointed. So I respect that.”

Season 2 brought plenty of Breaking Bad all its own, but will Betsy Brandt, Giancarlo Esposito, and a host of other alum return for Better Call Saul Season 3?

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