Invested as we are in learning Jimmy McGill’s Better Call Saul past, few can deny the curiosity of our brief trips in to the post-Breaking Bad future with “Gene.” It looks like we’ll be spending a little more time in the aftermath of Walter White’s demise, according to the first Season 3 photos, along with a look at the McGill brothers’ war.

Entertainment Weekly scored the first official photos from Better Call Saul Season 3, but don’t get too attached to the color just yet. Although we’ll revisit Saul’s life managing a Cinnabon as “Gene,” there’s no reason to expect the monochrome filter has been turned off:

Lest we forget, back in March saw Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad writer Thomas Schnauz teasing the possibility of a full Gene episode set after the original series:

We have talked about many different things. We talk about doing a whole Gene episode. It’s really wide open and we’re not locking ourselves into anything. We might never see again, but we probably will see Gene at the beginning of season three if we do get picked up for season three. I think there’s gonna be more Gene, but I’m not sure how much. I think at some point there will be at least a Gene episode, if not the finale then somewhere along the way that ties a bow around this whole package that we have of Jimmy McGill, Saul Goodman and Gene the Cinnabon Manager.

The link above also contains our first look at Season 3's ever-shifting dynamic between Jimmy and Michael McKean’s Chuck (who, from the looks of things hasn’t dropped the bombshell of taping Jimmy’s confession), so stay tuned for a full announcement of Better Call Saul’s Season 3 premiere.

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