Former 'SNL' head writer Seth Meyers has made it his business to bring some of those sketches cut from 'SNL' to his own 'Late Night' show, and the results have so far been uproarious. While Will Forte's cut bit got the full sketch treatment a few months ago, Bill Hader didn't need those same bells and whistles. After all, his snipped sketch just involved him putting on a weirdly nuanced impression of '60 Minutes' anchor Bob Simon.

If you're a fan of 'SNL,' you already know that not every sketch that's performed during the show's dress rehearsal (which takes place mere hours before the live show) makes it to the final version of the beloved NBC comedy series. Although Hader's chucked sketch -- centered on Simon's adventures with less exciting locales for boring stories -- doesn't need a big production, the comedian sells the hell out of this thing.

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