Who says coloring books are for kids? For all you fans of Bill Murray, you'll soon have a Bill Murray coloring book of your own. So break out that Crayola 64-pack and get ready to fill in Bill from some of his favorite movie roles.

Publisher Belly Kids asked 24 artists to contribute sketches of Bill Murray from his most famous movies and compiled that art for the upcoming coloring book 'Thrill Murray.' Whether it's 'Ghostbusters' or 'Lost in Translation' or even 'The Lost Aquatic' (see above), there's something for Murray fans of any letter.

The book runs a solid 50 pages, though at $14.99 runs a little more expensive than your usual coloring book.

'Thrill Murray' is available via Amazon and releases in August but you can pre-order your copy now. Just a word of warning, some of the pages include some adult language so you might want to keep this coloring book for the Bill Murray loving adults in the house. [via Movies.com]