The world of Black Mirror seems closer to reality with each passing year, and Apple’s new iPhone X may have just give us our “Waldo Moment.” The dystopian tech anthology took aim at Apple with a parody of yesterday’s big announcements, featuring a familiar blue face.

Where yesterday saw Apple facing some traditional snark over its forward-thinking iPhone X, Black Mirror couldn’t help noticing the user-generated “Animojis” bore a striking resemblance to the title technology of Season 2’s “The Waldo Moment.” The episode in question already proved eerily topical with its election of a cartoonish outsider who disrupts any and all political norms, but the show’s Twitter makes a striking point about the iPhone connection:

This isn’t the first time the Black Mirror account has gotten a bit cheeky, as the show’s social media famously tweeted on November 8 “This isn’t an episode. This isn’t marketing. This is reality.” It likely won’t be the last time the series proves eerily accurate as well, given that Season 4 will bring us six new episodes in the coming months.

You can watch the announcement titles for Black Mirror Season 4 below, and have your very own Waldo moment soon.

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