The summer of 1982 was so seminal for cinema that even its flops have been canonized. 'Blade Runner' was a huge disappointment for everyone involved thirty years ago, but now it's revered as a classic. And maybe it's finally making money with all the reissues, as we're about to get a new special edition for the film's thirtieth anniversary.

From what we've heard there will be some new supplements for the film, which was directed by Ridley Scott and starred Harrison Ford, though it's fair to say the 25th Anniversary release was and is definitive. Like that version, this will contain the five different cuts of the movie, which are the workprint version, the 1982 domestic and international theatrical cuts, the 1993 director's cut, and the 2007 Final Cut. The main different is that the supplements appear to be ported over to a single Blu-ray disc, though will likely still be in standard definition as there are ten hours of bonus material.

This trailer is a bit silly, perhaps because it uses music cues that feel very modern, and it's a bit much to say "The film that started it all." Started what exactly? Sequel talk thirty some years after the fact? A fan base that can't agree on whether its lead character is a replicant or not? Still, it's a great film, and we may be tempted to get double (or triple) dipped.