Although SNL is known for frequently pushing the boundaries of good taste, it tends to favor comedy of the sexual and political nature above anything else. That's why a certain sketch on last night's Kristen Wiig-hosted episode proved to be a massive shock -- it's not every day that the longrunning comedy variety show gets violent.

The scene plays more like something out of Monty Python than a traditional SNL scene. Jason Sudeikis plays a man trying out acupuncture for the first time. Wiig and Aidy Bryant play the therapists helping him through the procedure. The gallons and gallons of blood that emerge from Sudeikis' back when everything goes wrong plays itself.

It's a simple and downright disgusting joke that works because everyone involved takes it to such extreme and big places. "Acupuncture therapy goes wrong!" sounds like a pretty typical SNL skit, but "acupuncture therapy goes wrong and drenches the entire set and every actor in the scene with an absurd amount of blood" is actually downright shocking. It's hard to remember the last time SNL did something this disgusting.

It's scenes like this that make us wish SNL would take more bizarre chances.