Despite the fact that Vin Diesel’s range is limited almost entirely to bald men wearing white tank tops who enact schemes of vengeance against aliens and/or humans, he has spent much of the last decade as one of the world’s biggest movie stars. According to The Numbers, Vin Diesel is the 25th highest-grossing actor in history, with the Fast and the Furious franchise alone earning more than $5.9 billion worldwide. Has any actor made more out of fewer sleeves than Vin Diesel?

His latest effort, Bloodshot, opens in theaters this Friday, although at this point, the coronavirus pandemic may make its release more theoretical than concrete. For the record, Diesel plays Ray Garrison, a soldier given “nanite” blood that enables him to heal any injury — and yes, he uses it to enact vengeance against a lot of people. (And yes, in one amusing scene he strips off his army fatigues to reveal his trademark white tank top.( While Bloodshot is based on a long-running comic book, if anyone goes to see Bloodshot now or in the future it will likely be because of Diesel, the film’s only major star and its primary selling point. That made it a convenient time to consider Diesel’s career outside of the confines of the Fast & Furious, where’s had most of his biggest success.

Excluding his supporting turns in stuff like Guardians of the Galaxy (where his amusing vocal work as Groot remains a key ingredient of the franchise’s success) and ensemble dramas (which have become very rare in recent years anyway), Diesel has headlined 12 movies — mostly action films, with a couple of more serious pictures sprinkled in. Here, now is a brief tour through them all, ranked from worst to best:

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