It’s already been more than two full years since the first official images of the Borderlands movie were revealed online. And, at the very earliest, we’re still at least one year away from the film’s release, a very long schedule for this sort of movie. At the time of those first images, Borderlands, based on the huge video game franchise, was directed by Eli Roth, from a script by Craig Mazin.

But last summer, Mazin took his name off the film. (His work is now credited to “Joe Crombie,” a pseudonym.) And when reshoots took place last year, Roth was not present either, supposedly because he was busy shooting his upcoming horror movie Thanksgiving (which is already coming to theaters in a month while Borderlands is still being tinkered with, but that’s another story). The reshoots were instead supervised by Deadpool director Tim Miller. (Roth is still the credited director of the film.)


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When writers take their names off movies and directors are replaced for reshoots, these are not generally considered promising signs. But Miller had positive things to say about the shoot, which he called an “interesting experience.” In a recent interview, he told Collider...

I’m just here to help wherever I can. But my main reason, other than, you know, I have a huge affection for the video game industry, I want to see every video game adaption succeed is, I’ll be honest, I wanted to work with Cate Blanchett, and I wanted to work with Kevin [Hart] and Jamie Lee Curtis. And Ariana Greenblatt, the young lady who plays Tiny Tina, is amazing, which everybody knows from the Barbie movie. So it was a great experience all around. I was feeling a little rusty, so I was happy to get back in the saddle. The movie gets up and moves. It’s a good ride.

Let’s hope so. Fans were thrilled about the project when it was first announced, but that was already quite a while (and a different director) ago. Borderlands is scheduled to open in theaters on August 9, 2024. You can watch the full interview with Miller below:

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