After a seven year absence, director Alexander Payne returned last year with the exceptional 'The Descendants.' Thankfully, we won't be waiting nearly as long for his next film. 'Nebraska' is going to start shooting in October and Payne has added Bob Odenkirk and Stacy Keach to an already strong ensemble.

The black and white film follows "a curmudgeonly old drunk who believes he’s won a million dollars from a sweepstakes and drags his son on a road trip to collect the prize." The great Bruce Dern will play the father and Will "MacGruber!" Forte will play his son. We don't know who Odenkirk (whose work as Saul on 'Breaking Bad' has been nothing short of exceptional) or Keach (truly one of the great character actors of all time) will be playing, but knowing Payne, they'll be bringing the hardcore quirk. June Sqibb, who previously appeared in Payne's 'About Schmidt,' is also being sought for a role.

They had us at Alexander Payne, but Dern, Forte, Keach and Odenkirk? Shot in black and white? A return to the state of Nebraska, the memorably bland setting for Payne's 'Citizen Ruth,' 'Election' and 'About Schmidt'? We'll take a ticket now, please.