As the director of the poorly-reviewed but highly lucrative Jurassic World and slated helmer for Star Wars: Episode IX, Colin Trevorrow has become Hollywood’s new go-to guy for massive franchises. But when he’s not somehow making dinosaurs boring or giving Star Wars fans nervous breakdowns, Trevorrow likes to reconnect with his roots in the indie world, where he first got his start as the man behind the middling sci-fi/romcom Safety Not Guaranteed. As a little breather between studio tentpoles, Trevorrow’s going back to basics with another small-scale, small-town adventure. And this time, he’s got an adorable secret weapon.

The Book of Henry features precocious moppet Jacob Tremblay and Jaeden Lieberher as grade-school brothers, making it work with mom Naomi Watts. They’ve got a little bit of an edge on other single-parent families, however; Lieberher’s 12-year-old Henry is freakishly smart, like, do-the-family-taxes smart, use-the-word-psychosocial-in-conversation-with-a-teacher smart. He’s so observant he’s the only one to get a weird vibe from the severe-looking police commissioner next door (Dean Norris) and the way he may or may not be treating his daughter (Maddie Ziegler of Dance Moms and Sia music video fame). With the cops unwilling to cast shade on their commissioner by looking into specious child abuse charges, Henry and his family take it upon themselves to out their new neighbor in what looks like a disturbing wrinkle in a typically Spielbergian schematic.

Most importantly however, is that Watts brandishes a sniper rifle in this film. Two-time Academy Award nominee Naomi Watts brandishes a sniper rifle at Dean Norris. Mulholland Drive star Naomi Watts brandishes a sniper rifle at a child molester in The Book of Henry. There’s no version of that sentence that can make it sound any less weird.

The Book of Henry comes to theaters on June 16.

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