Even after years portaying one of the most culturally elite, snobbish men on television with NBC's 'Frasier,' the first season of Starz' political drama 'Boss,' along with the media's endless fascination with the man have definitively proven one thing: don't f--- with Kelsey Grammer.

Though the second season of Starz's critically-acclaimed political drama 'Boss' won't debut until some time in August 2012, the network has seen fit to grace us with our first official teaser of upcoming episodes.  You won't find terribly much in the way of new footage, or any of the recent castings, but it certainly serves one reminder: 'Boss' wins awards and has Kelsey Grammer ready to tear it all down.

'Boss' follows corrupt Chicago Mayor Tom Kane (Grammer), recently diagnosed with a degenerative neurological disorder a secret he keeps from his support staff while trying to maintain his position and fend off advances from other candidates hungry for his position.  After the climax of season one, 'Boss' brings in several notable new faces this season, including Jonathan Groff ('Glee') as a new political upstart looking to get Kane's ear, Sanaa Lathan ('Nip/Tuck') as Kane's new chief of staff, and rapper T.I. as a go-between, linking a local Alderman with a series of city gangs.

And with Tom now aware of the conspiracy plots against him, there's no telling what a desperate, dying man might do to hold on to his power.  Check out the teaser below for the 10-episode second season of 'Boss,' and tell us what you thought in the comments below!