Universal Pictures doesn't just have the 'Fast & Furious' franchise to rely on to bring in big bucks. It also has the Bourne franchise, which so far has raked in over $944 million dollars worldwide, with a fourth entry set for release on August 3rd. At least, it used to be August 3rd...

Deadline is reporting that 'The Bourne Legacy,' starring Jeremy Renner and Edward Norton, is being pushed back a week from August 3rd to its new release date of August 10th.

The reasoning behind this is two-fold -- it gives it some breathing room from 'The Dark Knight Rises,' which is sure to still be going strong in theaters after its July 20th release. It also keeps it from going head-to-head with Sony's 'Total Recall' remake starring Colin Farrell. Universal also states that this gives them an extra week of advertising during the London Summer Olympics.

Conspiracy nuts (and there's a lot of them in this line of work) might think it's because of the recent reshoots that took place on June 8th-14th in Vancouver with second unit director and stunt coordinator Dan Bradley. But Universal insists that, "There was one shot that we needed to get. It was a beat. It was nothing."

Reshoots and pickup shots are nothing new. Pretty much every movie has them when the filmmaker notices something he missed during the shoot. With no real competition on August 10th ('Hope Springs' and the Will Ferrell comedy 'The Campaign' its only real opponents) 'The Bourne Legacy' should have no trouble securing that coveted #1 spot during its opening weekend.