The first full trailer for 'The Bourne Legacy' has arrived, and in it Jeremy Renner proves a worthy successor to Matt Damon in this continuation of the Bourne saga.

The first teaser was released earlier this year -- an enigmatic glimpse at the upcoming thriller based on the novels of Robert Ludlum. In the full trailer for 'The Bourne Legacy,' Jeremy Renner stars as Aaron Cross in this direct follow-up to 'The Bourne Ultimatum.'

When the program comes under attack -- thanks to one Jason Bourne -- and the lives of every person they've experimented on are threatened, Cross and scientist Marta (the always captivating Rachel Weisz) team up to elude danger and survive. Edward Norton co-stars as the primary antagonist this time out.

'Legacy' seems to almost run in tandem with 'Ultimatum,' which should make for an interesting companion for hardcore fans. Tony Gilroy, screenwriter of the first three films, wrote and directed 'The Bourne Legacy,' and the action looks just as frenetic and intense as previous outings.

Though we've come to love Matt Damon in the first few films, Renner looks like he can kick some serious ass here.