Matt Damon who?

Universal wanted to continue the 'Bourne' franchise but the only problem was that Damon and director Paul Greengrass weren't all that interested.  So they went ahead without him and brought in Oscar-nominee Jeremy Renner to take over as a new Bourne.  Who isn't a Bourne.  Or is he?  I'm already confused.

The trailer for 'The Bourne Legacy,' the first in what Universal hopes is a new 'Bourne' franchise, is online with a tagline that teases "There never was just one."  Renner seems to be a new agent in this film, but the events of 'Legacy' have been "triggered by the events in the first three films.

It's a well-cut trailer but falls into that trap of using the 'Inception' BWAHH! music and even a very 'Inception'-y title treatment.