Brad Bird is continuing his live action directorial streak with a new deal at Disney to direct '1952,' a script commissioned by the House of Mouse last year and written by former 'Lost' scribe Damon Lindelof.  But what the hell is the super-secret '1952?'

According to Deadline the script has been a closely-guarded mystery, as are most of Lindelof's projects. Lindelof recently helped write the script for 'Prometheus,' the upcoming semi-prequel to 'Alien,' for Ridley Scott. He also recently re-teamed with longtime partner JJ Abrams for the upcoming 'Star Trek' sequel. Lindelof has been a busy man.

And so has Brad Bird, who has been working on his own similarly-named  project, '1906.' Bird's first foray into live action was last year's celebrated 'Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.' His prior experience had all been in animation, from his debut feature 'The Iron Giant,' to Pixar's superhero flick 'The Incredibles.'

The deal for '1952' began last summer after a series of meetings between Lindelof and Disney. No plot details are known, and we don't expect to learn anything until Lindelof and Co. want us to.