Robert Zemeckis has been turning things around with his last couple of films following a trio of CG-heavy features, criticized for their “uncanny valley” quality. First there was the Academy Award-nominated ‘Flight,’ and up next is ‘The Walk,’ the thrilling story of real-life high-wire artist Philippe Petit, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt. After that? Zemeckis has already lined up his next project, with mega star Brad Pitt.

THR reports that Pitt has signed on to star in an untitled romantic thriller to be directed by Zemeckis, and although plot details are unknown as this time, we do know that it takes place during World War II, similar to Pitt’s last film, ‘Fury.’ The film was scripted by Steven Knight, best known for his screenplays for ‘Locke’ (which he also directed) and ‘Eastern Promises’. Knight also wrote the script for the upcoming ‘World War Z’ sequel, which is being produced by Pitt’s Plan B banner.

Recently, it was reported that Angelina Jolie wanted Pitt to star in her next project, ‘Africa,’ so it’s unclear if his commitment to the Zemeckis film will keep him from starring in that project. Pitt next appears alongside Jolie in romantic drama ‘By the Sea,’ which she also wrote and directed.

We’ll see if Zemeckis is truly back in form when ‘The Walk’ hits theaters on October 2.