As is par for the course of marketing these days, there's now a new clip from Pixar's 'Brave,' which hits theaters June 22. It plays up the family dynamic of King Fergus's kingdom, and shows how the group interact behind closed doors. It seems the King (voiced by Billy Connolly) is something of a braggart.

Here we get a look at Princess Merida (voiced by Kelly MacDonald), and how she behaves around her family. We know that she's supposed to be a rebellious and bored young girl who's looking to prove her worth. To which her father and mother, Queen Elinor (Emma Thompson), are mostly disapproving.

With Memorial Day weekend's re-release of four Pixar films (which thankfully doesn't include any of the 'Cars' movies), it's nice to reflect on how Pixar has established themselves over the last two decades as the home for great animation and great stories, period. We're hoping that 'Brave' joins the ranks of their best, and this clip shows that they know how to build characters in brief moments. From the bow on the table, to the stale tall tale, we get a sense of family dynamic in less than a minute. That's impressive. But that's Pixar.