Part of the fun of watching new Pixar films lies in spotting the traditional Easter eggs hidden by animators … and ‘Brave’ is no different. Were you able to see the infamous Pizza Planet truck in Merida’s kingdom? How about the standard tease for Pixar’s next movie, in this case ‘Monsters University?’ They’re both in there, and we’ll tell you where.

Because it’s difficult hiding a truck (or a blue creature) in Merida’s Scottish kingdom, Pixar cheated a bit and placed both references in the mysterious hut of the trickster witch who helps Merida cast a spell on her unsuspecting mother. And both clues are hidden in woodcarvings, the witch’s hobby when she isn’t disrupting people’s lives with sinister potions.

Here’s the truck, being carved by the not-so-kindly witch.


And here’s her handiwork on a closet-jumping monster.


‘Brave’ continues to pull in the family dollar at the box office, posting an estimated $131.7 million after last weekend’s tallies. It’s bound to pass ‘A Bug’s Life’ on the all-time Pixar box office charts soon … especially if people head back to see the truck and Sully on the big screen (now that they know where to look).

Images courtesy of Pixar/Disney