When you're Pixar it's good to take chances, and there's something of a gamble in their upcoming film 'Brave.' It's their first film to have a female lead, which means that they're encroaching on Disney's Princess territory. It's good to give yourself a challenge, and it appears that's what Pixar has done. We've got some new stills, check them out.

Here's the other:

The film follows princess Merida (voiced by Kelly MacDonald), who seeks adventure, while her parents (Voiced by Emma Thompson and Billy Connolly) want her to get married. The film has had its first thirty minutes screened for journalists and at CinemaCon, and the word out of those screenings is really positive. Which we hope is true, as we've also heard that the film had some problems during production, and that they had trouble with their third act.

But coming up against a wall and figuring it out is something that Pixar has excelled at. 'Toy Story 2' was rewritten heavily even after they had a film, and 'Finding Nemo' was also heavily reworked at the last minute. And those two rank as some of their best work. We really hope this one comes together in the end, and we'll know for sure when the film hits theaters on June 22.