The internet has no shortage of movie-related comedy videos, so it takes something particularly unique to get our attention these days. So, we've got to hand it to POYKPAC Comedy, whose latest video is particularly clever. The set-up is sketch comedy 101: a couple sits down for dinner in a restaurant, get in an argument and break up. The execution is something else altogether: every line of dialogue is the title of a movie.

Yes, this is a comedy sketch where every character speaks entirely in movie titles, with each movie's poster flashing across the screen as they speak so we know they're not cheating. It doesn't always sound natural, but it sounds natural often enough to become mesmerizing after awhile. There are points where it would be easy to forget the central gimmick at all if it wasn't reminding you with the posters.

All in all, the short makes use of 154 movie titles, ranging from critically acclaimed movies like 'Doubt' to horror movies like 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' to forgotten romantic comedies like 'Something's Gotta Give.' You've got to hand it these guys -- they've really dug up some miserable and forgotten movies so they can make use of their dialogue-friendly titles.