Over the weekend the internet was privy to 'Breaking Bad''s greatest extra to date, placing Bryan Cranston back in his 'Malcolm in the Middle' persona as Hal alongside former co-star Jane Kaczmarek. Sony has since reclaimed the footage, but there's still the gag reel from the final eight episodes to watch!

Covering season "5B" as it were, the extended six-minute gag reel can also be found on the 'Breaking Bad: The Complete Series' box set, among a myriad of other extras. Be warned of a surprising amount of nudity for a gag reel, however, and probably not the kind you're hoping for.

Among the other items to be found on the home releases, 'Breaking Bad' will contain more than 55 hours of special features that include a never-before-seen two-hour documentary spanning the entire production of the final season, a three-minute alternate ending differing, and commentary on every episode, along with the expected deleted and extended scenes.

Check out the 'Breaking Bad' final episodes gag reel while it lasts above, and tell us what you'll miss most about the series in the comments!