Well, we should have seen this coming. Following those long-ago rumors and photos of Bryan Cranston's former 'Malcolm in the Middle' co-star Jane Kaczmarek popping up on the 'Breaking Bad' set, we knew a cameo had to be in the works. That's right, it turns out 'Breaking Bad' was the prequel to 'Malcolm' all along, in a new 'Breaking Bad' alternate ending!

Presumably landing on the 'Breaking Bad: The Complete Series' home release, the latest 'Breaking Bad' extra sees Walter White waking up, Bob Newhart-style, as Hal of 'Malcolm in the Middle,' with Lois (Kaczmarek) in bed by his side. We won't spoil all the surprises of the clip of course, but we don't mind telling you that you'll never say "I am the one who knocks" the same way again.

Kaczmarek herself previously laughed off rumors of a 'Breaking Bad' cameo, saying she appeared on set as a birthday favor to her son, 'Breaking Bad' among his favorite shows. Of course, we were so enamored of the actual 'Breaking Bad' ending, that the 'Malcolm in the Middle' dream ending would scarcely have tarnished its reputation.

Behold Heisenberg in the middle above, and tell us what you think of 'Breaking Bad''s latest alternate ending!

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