Among the many other premieres in finales, surely one of the most talked-about TV events of 2013 will be none other than the final episodes of AMC's 'Breaking Bad,' set to begin its eight-episode finale this summer. Fans of the series no doubt hold out hope that Walter White and Jesse Pinkman could be revisited on the big screen, but what does series creator Vince Gilligan have to say? Find out the fate of the 'Breaking Bad' movie inside, and what to expect from the final episodes this summer!

'Breaking Bad' fans likely have a hundred different theories as to how the series will end the tale of meth kingpin Walter White and his partner Jesse Pinkman, but all will be sad to see the series come to an end this coming summer. To that end, Vulture spoke to series creator and show-runner Vince Gilligan, who laid out the various factors in mind as the staff writes the final episodes, including the possibility of taking the series to the big screen after the series finale.

Don't hold your breath for a big-screen Walter White, as Gilligan relays “Rightly or wrongly, there will be a conclusive ending. Our story from the beginning has been designed to be close-ended. It’s very much designed to have a beginning, middle, and end and then to exist no more.” Additionally, 'Breaking Bad's final episodes may not pay off the characters the way you think, particularly with Walter's incarceration or death, as “Oddly enough, I don’t feel any real pressure to pay off the characters, morally speaking.”

I read interviews with showrunners all the time who say, ‘I know exactly where this thing is headed.’ I always find that very interesting, and I don’t doubt them for a minute.

It’s just I can’t see my way clear to do that because the characters in Breaking Bad are in a state of constant change by design. When a character will be a different person five or six or ten or sixteen episodes from now, it’s hard to predict the future.

However the final episodes of 'Breaking Bad' play out, Gilligan teased that viewers could expect a few more hat-tips to 'The Godfather,' as well as a sense of symmetry with the pilot episode, but most importantly a sense of satisfaction inherent to the endings of masterpieces like 'Casablanca.'

Hank Schrader may or may not get his man, but one character will most definitely make it through the series. “I like to think of Saul as a cockroach in the best possible way,” Gilligan said. “This is a guy who’s going to survive while the rest of us have been nuked into annihilation. He’ll be the worst-dressed cockroach in the world.”

'Breaking Bad' resumes its final season in July, so give us your predictions in the comments! Are you disappointed there won't be a movie?