By the end of summer 2013, AMC will find itself losing one of its most acclaimed critical darlings as 'Breaking Bad' airs the final eight episodes of its last season. And while the network has a number of projects lined up to fill the void, new reports suggest that AMC will borrow inspiration from 'The Walking Dead's companion talk show 'Talking Dead,' giving 'Breaking Bad' its own live follow-up discussion series 'Talking Bad!' Find out what AMC's cooking up with a 'Breaking Bad' talk show inside!

'The Walking Dead's success will only grow in the coming years, even after the show-runner drama of season 4 and the decision to expand companion talk show 'Talking Dead' to a full hour, but can the same be said of 'Breaking Bad?' AMC certainly hopes so, as Deadline reports that the network is considering giving the Bryan Cranston / Aaron Paul drama its own live follow-up discussion program for the final eight episodes this summer.

Appropriately titled 'Talking Bad,' the half-hour series would also be handled by 'Talking Dead' producer Michael Davies’ Embassy Row. It isn't known if 'Talking Dead' host and Nerdist podcaster Chris Hardwick would potentially host 'Talking Bad' as well, but Hardwick has certainly worked and gotten along with the 'Breaking Bad' cast before.

Well, what say you? Would you want to see 'Breaking Bad' get its own live after-show discussion 'Talking Bad?' What do you think will merit discussion about the show's final episodes this summer? Give us your 'Breaking Bad' predictions in the comments!

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