We're just days away from Comic-Con 2013 and our first real look into 'Breaking Bad''s final eight episodes, but AMC has been keeping us plenty busy with teasers of Walt's final run. The latest sees the New Mexican meth kingpin looking uncharacteristically frightened, but you can also hear what the cast has to say about the final episodes, premiering Aug. 11!

Whereas the previous two teasers showed Jesse (Aaron Paul) looking distraught and Hank ('Under the Dome' star Dean Norris) driving with an understandable rage, the latest teaser sees Walt in his driveway alone at night, apparently terrified by something he found. Might there be a new enemy on the loose, or has Hank begun stalking his brother-in-law in non-sanctioned ways?

Meanwhile, AMC has released a behind-the-scenes video of the final hours that sadly lacks for any footage, but still incorporates the entire cast in previewing the "devastating carnage" of the final eight episodes. R.J. Mitte (Walter Jr.) teases that several new characters will make waves for the 'Breaking Bad' cast, while executive producer Peter Gould ominously warns, "We wouldn't have brought an M-60 into the show if we didn't know we were going to have a hell of a finish."

The cast certainly makes it seem as if the final eight 'Breaking Bad' episodes won't leave us much room to breathe in their breakneck pace, but what say you? Are you excited to count down the final eight hours for Walter White? Give us your predictions for the 'Breaking Bad' finale in the comments!