Boy, Jonathan Banks really hit the jackpot.  Just days after nabbing his first major post 'Breaking Bad' role on 'Parks and Recreation' as Ben Wyatt's dad, the grizzly Mike Ehrmantraut Jonathan Banks has scored yet another gig on a broadcast network.  the in-demand 'Breaking Bad' star and sometime menstruation expert will next take his gruff talents to CBS' period drama 'Vegas,' but what kind of measures can we expect his new character to take?

Proof positive that nothing can stop Jonathan Banks, not even Walter White, TVLine is reporting that the 'Breaking Bad' star has landed yet another major role, appearing in multiple episodes of CBS' upcoming Dennis Quaid/Michael Chiklis drama 'Vegas.'  Banks will take the role of Angelo, an imposing and powerful Chicago gangster who travels to the Nevada oasis to ensure his revenue stream continues flowing. However, when Michael Chiklis‘ Vincent Savino wants him to expand his operation in the burgeoning Vegas criminal enterprise, Angelo doesn't seem to have any intention of it.

Banks' 'Vegas' casting compliments his post 'Breaking Bad' hot streak, which recently saw the actor landing a role in the fifth season of 'Parks and Recreation' as father to Adam Scott's character Ben Wyatt.  In spite of his character's - SPOILER ALERT - demise at the end of 'Breaking Bad' episode "Say My Name," it isn't known if the character could potentially reprise his role of hitman Mike Ehrmantraut in flashback for 'Breaking Bad's final 8 episodes.

What say you?  Is Jonathan Banks the new hot commodity in 'Vegas,' debuting September 25 on CBS, or is he best remembered for 'Breaking Bad?'  Tell us where you'd like to see the actor pop up next in the comments!