Considering that 'Breaking Bad' will end the current run of season 5 episodes this Sunday, before picking up again with the final eight installments in 2013, we're all going to be jonesing for a fresh hit of our favorite 'Breaking Bad' stars.  And while people have put Aaron Paul through the ringer by dragging out his pre-'Breaking Bad' work, isn't it time we gave Mike Ehrmantraut, Jonathan Banks himself the same treatment?

You may want to grab a towel, because things will get messy when Hitman Mike explains menstruation.

Having passed the - SPOILERS - point, we're still desperately grieving the loss of Mike Ehrmantraut form this past Sunday's 'Breaking Bad' "Say My Name."  Sure he got a fairly dignified exit, but the final nine episodes of AMC's acclaimed drug-dealer drama just won't be the same without the gravelly, gruff-yet-sensitive hitman going toe-to-toe with Walter White.

So what better what to celebrate Mike's memory than by destroying it forever?

It seems that prior to Jonathan Banks' big break, one of the actor's first IMDb credits to his name is that of 'Linda's Film on Menstruation,' a 1974 educational video that features the 'Breaking Bad' star as befuddled boyfriend to the title character, learning the ins and outs of the female reproductive workings.  Yeah, that's where your day just went.

Vulture had a chance to talk to the actor about the short film among conversation of his 'Breaking Bad' exit, wherein he explains:

No good deed goes unpunished. Years ago, my friend George Eichen, who was a manager of a summerstock playhouse, said, “Will you do this thing?” I went, “Sure.” And then they go ahead and they post it up there! It’s like, “Guys, really?” I just did that as a favor. They were going to try to send it to the public schools as some sort of health class [movie], so they could make some money.

Suffice to say, Banks' career has had a steady flow ever since.

You can watch the dumbfounding video of 'Breaking Bad's Jonathan Banks in 'Linda's Film About Menstruation' below (Banks appears around 1:20), and give us your favorite Mike memories in the comments!