Stock up the cooler and bring plenty of fresh water (and seriously, check your car battery), 'Breaking Bad' is about to pull an all-nighter.  The fifth (and mostly final) season of AMC's 'Breaking Bad' kicks off on Sunday, July 15, but if that's too long  and you need an earlier fix, AMC's got the good stuff to supply you with every Sunday night!

Beginning late night every Sunday on AMC, the good folk at AMC will be screening all 46 episode of 'Breaking Bad' in preparation for the show's July 15 season premiere.  In case you've forgotten how Walter White went from harmless, cancer-stricken chemistry teacher to The King of the Albuquerque crystal meth trade, now's your chance to study up before the final.

AMC will air the first half of the season in eight all-new installments, while the final stretch of episodes will air sometime in 2013.  Elsewhere, not much is known about ‘Breaking Bad’s final season, other than that ‘Battleship‘ and ‘Friday Night Lights’ star Jesse Plemons will take a role as “Todd, a dependable, innocuous, working-class guy [who] may not be what he appears to be.”

Check out the brand new-promo for AMC's marathon, complete with details of when you can bone up on your 'Breaking Bad,' and check out the new season when it debuts on Sunday, July 15!