'Breaking Bad' premieres its fifth (and final) season on AMC Sunday night, but since we know that's still a long way away for fans of the show, how about a game of cards? More specifically, how about a game of cards wherein characters from the show are represented on the cards themselves?

Designer Jon Defreest whipped up a set of 'Breaking Bad' face cards for Vulture. Here's the breakdown: "Walt is the King, of course, while Jesse makes the perfect Jack, and Skyler the Queen. And then see whom we selected as the Joker after ruling out a meth-head squashed under an ATM."

If you like 'em, there's a PDF you can download -- then just print and laminate them for your next game night. Or if you know a 'Breaking Bad' devotee who has a birthday coming up, have the cards framed and voila! Instant (and very cool) gift. Check out some of them below.

'Breaking Bad' playing cards - Walter White
'Breaking Bad' playing cards - Skyler White
'Breaking Bad' playing cards - Jesse Pinkman

Want more? Check out the rest of the 'Breaking Bad' playing card designs over at Vulture.

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