With nary a week to go until the premiere of the fifth and final season of 'Breaking Bad,' we're pounding the pavement looking for every new detail we can cook up, desperate for our fix of Walter White. That's why something very unusual caught our eye in the latest promo for 'Breaking Bad' season 5. We're betting it has something to do with the show's endgame, so take a look and tell us what you think!

The latest promo for 'Breaking Bad' touches on most of the same points we've already seen -- Gus is dead, all hail the king, and Walter and Jesse look to start up their business again while the returning Mike and Hank seem to be closing in on the pair. Those are all the things we'd come to expect from 'Breaking Bad' season 5, but several shots of the newest trailer don't seem to follow any previous expectations.

We've included the trailer below, so watch it and take a look at the 0:12 mark, wherein we see what looks to be Jim Beaver's ('Supernatural') returning gun salesman "Lawson," making some kind of trade in a men's room, with none other than a disguised Walter White! For further clarification, look to the 0:29 mark, where we clearly see a bearded, haired and differently spectacled Walter White opening what looks to be a car trunk!

So, what does it mean? Does Walter White end up somehow out on the run, or forced to purchase another gun for protection? Will we find out in the next eight episodes, or have to wait until 2013 for the final eight? Give us your theories on 'Breaking Bad' season 5 in the comments below!