Yesterday saw AMC's imminently ending meth drama, 'Breaking Bad,' proving the first TV series to get the "Honest Trailer" treatment, while before that the Emmy-gobbling hit continued to tease the debut of its final eight episodes with footage from the previous eight. Today Walter White continues to keep his final days under wraps, but how better to celebrate the end than with a 'Breaking Bad' season 5 gag reel?

From Mike getting silly, to Walter's rectal exam, fake hands and farting babies, we may never get another chance to laugh at 'Breaking Bad' before the final eight episodes obliterate what remains of our faces from the first eight hours. Plus, dancing Walt and Jesse? Dancing Walt and Jesse.

Meanwhile, among the recent photos and teasers of ‘Breaking Bad’'s last run, executive producer Peter Gould ominously warned, “We wouldn’t have brought an M-60 into the show if we didn’t know we were going to have a hell of a finish.” Bryan Cranston too has warned us of the ultimate end, which series creator Vince Gilligan once called a “triumph” for Walter White, but Cranston suggested to take a dark turn for the White family at large.

Well, what are you waiting for? Keep cooking down to the big premiere with the 'Breaking Bad' season 5 gag reel above, and give us your predictions for the final hours in the comments!