Security can be notoriously tight around AMC shows (you know, when they're not announcing character deaths on their own product pages), but one leak may have just given away a hotly-anticipated series' entire first episode?  Is it real?  You be the judge.

According to links found on SpoilerTV and Red Shark Interactive, the season premiere script of 'Breaking Bad' season 5, titled "Truckers Deluxe" has made its way to the internet.  Whether it exists as elaborately constructed fan fiction, or the genuine article is anyone's guess, but so far no official response has emerged from AMC.

Details of the fifth, and final series of 'Breaking Bad' are likely to be kept under heavy wraps, especially given the explosive finale "Face Off," which saw the violent end of the majority of Walter White (Bryan Cranston)'s biggest enemies, including Tyrus, Hector "Tio" Salamanca, and the chilling Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito).  Still lurking about is hitman Mike (Jonathan Banks), recuperating somewhere in Mexico following a gunshot wound, and of course the omnipresent threat of Walter's cancer, by last accounts in remission.

"Truckers Deluxe" certainly feels enough like a 'Breaking Bad' episode to be the genuine article, and introduces several new players in the form of a group of bikers, as well as an enigmatic new woman name named "Aiyanna," which could more or less match up with a genuine casting call from some weeks ago.

Read the script at your own peril, and decide if you think it's the genuine article!  Tell us how you plan to pass the wait until 'Breaking Bad' season 5's July premiere, and what you expect from the final season in the comments!

UPDATE 4/6/12: Well, no surprise here, folks!  Vulture is claiming that "a rep" for AMC has denounced the script as fake, and I've even heard rumors that Aaron Paul himself has made direct Twitter messages identifying the script as such.  What do you think?