We suspect it'll be at least a few weeks before we get any kind of real trailer for either 'Breaking Bad's fifth and final season, or the sophomore outing of 'Hell on Wheels,' but after the explosive finale of 'Breaking Bad's fourth season finale 'Face Off,' we're dying for a taste of what new dangers Walter White and Jesse Pinkman will face in season 5.  Or is Walt himself the danger again?  The latest photos reveal...

Pretty much nothing!  Boy, that never gets old.  In any case, the first official photo of 'Breaking Bad's fifth season has arrived, depicting Walt and Jesse meeting out in the desert and seeming rather concerned.  What they're actually looking at or meeting about is anyone's guess, but we'll know for sure once 'Breaking Bad' kicks off the first half of the final season with eight new episodes beginning Sunday, July 15.

Perhaps its something to do with the mysterious new blue-collar character played by 'Battleship' and 'Friday Night Lights' star Jesse Plemons?  We're working with all the information we have here, people.

Not only 'Breaking Bad,' but AMC has also seen fit to release the first photo from 'Hell on Wheels' season 2, which similarly enough depicts lead hero Cullen Bohannon...standing in a desert landscape.  Perhaps he's what Walter and Jesse were staring at!  What a twist!  In any case, the sophomore season of 'Hell on Wheels' premieres Sunday, August 12, one week after 'Breaking Bad' ends its run.

Check out the photos below, and tell us what you're most looking forward to in the comments!