After the tense, power-packed hour that was last night's "Say My Name," we're cowering in silent fear over what 'Breaking Bad' season 5 has left in store for us.  Next week's "Gliding Over All" will close out 'Breaking Bad' season 5 for 2012, picking up again with the final run of episodes in 2013, so what cliffhangers could be in store for Walter White and co.?  As this first clip proves, there are still plenty of bodies to hit the floor.

Pour one out for Mike Ehrmantraut, y'all.  We knew he had to go, but darn it all if we aren't going to miss the gruff, no-nonsense heart of gold Mike.  But with Mike gone, who will do the dirty work for Walter White and his renewed enterprise?  Will Heisenberg have to pull the trigger himself now that he's without an enforcer?

In the first clip from Sunday's mid-season 'Breaking Bad' finale 'Gliding Over All,' a still uber-confident Heisenberg meets with Lydia to obtain the list of 9 , now 10 names, of all the former Fring associates that could potentially bring him down.  Of course, Lydia remains as manically cautious as ever, and refuses to give him the names outright.  To think, if he'd done that off the bat, we'd still have Mike alive somewhere!

So with one episode left until the break of 'Breaking Bad' season 5, what can we expect?  Will Walter come clean about Mike?  Will Skyler stay in her silent prison?  And what of poor Jesse, who only wants out of the business?

Check out the clip below, and tell us what you're expecting from 'Breaking Bad' season 4's "Gliding Over All" in the comments!