Love or hate that 'Breaking Bad' will likely spin its enduring popularity into the prequel spinoff series 'Better Call Saul,' the question remains why creator Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould chose to set the drama in the past, rather than explore other aspects of the character. Prequel discussion may be premature however, as Bob Odenkirk claims we might see a bit of post-'Breaking Bad' Saul as well!

Spoilers for Saul Goodman's ultimate 'Breaking Bad' fate from here on out, but Odenkirk recently spoke with IGN to clarify a few bits of information about the proposed spinoff, which supposedly enters the writers' room in a matter of weeks. Odenkirk apparently refuted the notion that 'Better Call Saul' would be the inverse of 'Breaking Bad''s "70% drama, 30% comedy" ratio, as well that the series would take place entirely in flashback:

I’ve talked to Vince (Gilligan) and Peter (Gould), who are writing and creating the series, about this and I’ve said that a lot of people do want to see what happens next to Saul. So, I don’t know what they’re going to do. I know they’ve talked about prequel, but they’ve also talked to me about sequel, and they’ve also talked to me about a mix of prequel and sequel.

We're not entirely convinced that Saul could carry on the legacy of 'Breaking Bad' on his own regardless, but it's a comfort to know that the writers have at least considered the notion of exploring Saul's post-Hoover disappearance. After all, isn't managing a Cinnabon every bit as fraught with scum and villainy as crystal meth?

What say you? Are you still interested to see 'Better Call Saul' as a prequel, or would you want more post-'Breaking Bad' stories? What about potential cameos from the 'Breaking Bad' leads? Give us your 'Better Call Saul' wishlist in the comments!

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