So much has been written as of late about Kristen Stewart and her possible involvement with a ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ sequel that we’ve practically forgotten she still has one more chapter in ‘The Twilight Saga’ before she closes the book on that franchise for good.

In an effort to get ‘Breaking Dawn: Part 2’ back on everyone’s radar, Summit Entertainment has released pristine copies of the film’s promotional images (no pesky watermarks!), so Twi-hards can investigate every inch of the frame for clues. And it's not awkward at all, err, ummm...

A number of these were part of EW’s Fall Movie Preview. But that up-close, standalone shot of Stewart as a red-eyed Bella (above and below) might be brand new. Either way, these images can help tide fans over until Bill Condon’s ‘Breaking Dawn’ opens on Nov. 16.

It almost feels like there’s just enough time for Summit to squeeze one more trailer into theaters and online, to whet fans’ interest and possibly show off that Comic-Con footage of Bella attacking wild animals while she’s in full-on vampire mode. Until then, here are the images (which you can click to see in hi-res). Keep your fingers crossed for more ‘Breaking Dawn’ footage. If it’s release, we’ll have it for you here:

Images courtesy of Summit Entertainment