Those poor 'Breakout Kings' just can't catch a break, it seems.  Two weeks after airing its second season finale, it would seem that one of A&E's first major forays into original scripted series has been cancelled.  Still, given that the series had nearly been cancelled prior to its even airing, might there be new hope for the 'Breakout' Kings to break onto a new network?

Breaking news, folks, and other break-related puns, as A&E has passed on a third season of the low-rated, if buzz-worthy crime drama 'Breakout Kings.'  The series was co-created/executive produced by Matt Olmstead and Nick Santora, though its end was somewhat telegraphed recently when Olmstead signed on to run NBC's new Dick Wolf drama 'Chicago Fire.'

The series, about a squad of U.S. marshals who team up with convicts to track down prison escapees in exchange for time off their sentences, was actually brought to Fox as a pilot in 2010 before the network decided to pass (even with its strong testing) and A&E scooped up the rights in their ongoing bid for original programming.  The series starred Domenick Lombardozzi, Laz Alonso, Malcolm Goodwin, Serinda Swann ('Smallville') and Jimmi Simpson ('It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia').

What say you? Did 'Breakout Kings' deserve another season, or were its meager ratings appropriate for the series? Would you add it to your list of dramas you'd want to save from this season's cancellations? Give us your take on the show in the comments!