Last night during the first 'X-Factor' auditions in Austin, TX, newly-minted judge Britney Spears walked off set after a wanna-be contestant butchered her song "Hold It Against Me." After waiting for her to return, the three remaining judges - Simon Cowell, Demi Lovato and LA Reid - continuing judging the next four contestants by themselves.

But was Britney Spears really upset or was it just a misunderstanding?

TMZ reports

It's obviously in Britney's best interest to deny any feud or emotional breakdown during her very first day working on 'The X-Factor.' Many wondered if Spears would be up to the task and to have a public meltdown on her first day of work, wouldn't leave the cast, crew and contestants with a lot of confidence. (Yet, it would make for some compelling television.)

It's not the first time a potentially volatile judge has walked off the set of 'The X-Factor.' Last year, Paula Abdul, upset after a contestant pulled his pants down and exposed the crowd, walked off leaving Reid to ask Cowell, "Will she return?"  She returned for that episode but not for Season 2.