Homina, homina... wait, what were we doing again? Oh! While 'Glee' season 4 is going back to the well of Britney Spears seems like a questionable decision for a season trying to establish itself as something different, there's no arguing that at least some of the show has grown up with its characters. So if 'Glee' wants to hit us "baby one more time," who better to soften the blow than Ms. Lea Michele herself? And in case you never watch, fellas might want to tune in for this one.

This Thursday, 'Glee' pays tribute to Britney Spears once more as Rachel Berry continues trying to impress her new dance instructor Cassandra July (Kate Hudson), while back in Lima, Ohio, the real Brittany S. Pierce attempts to find herself. But while we've already seen Heather Morris gyrating along to Ms. Spears, how does Lea Michele's new rendition of "...Baby One More Time" hit us?

Suffice to say, you're going to have to see this one for yourself, courtesy of E!. Of course, we could raise questions over why a choreographed performance of Britney Spears that doesn't seem to contain much actual dancing would be used as a class lesson, but then where would the fun of 'Glee' be? Plus, the clip practically screams for Finn to bust in at the wrong moment on his beloved Rachel.

Check out the new clip below, take a minute to right yourself, and then tell us if you'll watch 'Glee's' "Britney 2.0" in the comments!